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About Our Early Childhood Development Centre

As a parent, one of the biggest decisions you may have to make would lie in choosing an appropriate facility to provide care for your child, especially during the early developmental years.

At 123 Kids we understand your needs for your priceless little gem, and pride ourselves in offering a healthy, safe and conducive learning environment during the most critical years of their lives.

123 Kids not only recognises the fundamental need to offer hi-tech quality services which will set the benchmark for future childcare facilities, but also focuses on positively developing the emotional, physical and social needs of the little ones entrusted in our care. Not only would you have complete peace of mind knowing that your child is incredibly well taken care of, but you can also be confident that they will acquire all the necessary skills and knowledge required in the early childhood development phase of their lives.

We always encourage both staff and students to grow, learn and create each passing day.


Rochelle Ezra

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