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Ages - 2 years and above



Soccer Starz provides an early training platform for children aged 3-8 years old where they will learn various skills, not only in soccer, but other sport that involves playing with a ball.

Our trained coaches will provide skills needed for youngsters to become more confident on the sports field.

Each session will be 30 minutes per week, ensuring we keep their attention span active.

These sessions will be held at the child's school, and will be on the same day and time throughout the year. Lessons will not be refunded or made up if a child is absent or through bad weather.

Soccer boots are not necessary but players are asked to wear their Soccer Starz T-shirts.



  • Listening skills

  • Balance

  • Co-ordination

  • Gross motor skills

  • Muscle development

  • Confidence

  • Concentration

  • Teamwork and sportsmanship

  • Health and fitness

  • Good manners


Ages - 3 years and above


The DANCE MOUSE™ and Dance Madness™ syllabus offers an awesome foundation to many forms of dance: Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop, Jazz, African-Jazz, Freestyle, Disco, Cheerleading, Contemporary,Rock 'n Roll, Hip-Tap, Latin American Basics, Gymnastics Basics to name a few...

Warm-up is an integral part of the syllabus and includes Ballet, Modern, Body conditioning, Pilates Basics,Proprioception Skills and Silk training! Strengthening, Stretching and core training is part of our passion in warm-up!

The benefits to the child are incredibly diverse but include improved co-ordination, balancing skills,core strength, fitness, proprieception, spatial awareness and vitally improves confidence. These benefits allow the child to select their preferred form of dance in a safer environment while benefiting them in other sporting activities as well. Props such as scarves, hula hoops, fans, ribbons, poi etc are also included to promote these skills whilst dancing!

Overall, The DANCE MOUSE™ and Dance Madness™ syllabus is to encourage children to enjoy dance expression and to increase the their passion and love of dance. It provides the child with technical training, as well as fun, rhythm and exercise.


Ages - 1 to 2 years


Outcomes in General: 

General Development

Gross motor development

Fine motor development

Hand-Eye co-ordination

Foot-Eye co-ordination

Hand and finger muscle strengthening

“Body Detachment”

Core Muscle strengthening


Learning while moving

Tactile integration

Learning to use both sides of the body

Crossing the Midline

Developing self-esteem

Social Development

Emotional Development

Mathematical Development

Language Development

Knowledge and Understanding of the world around

Co-operating in a group

Listening to and following instructions


Spontaneous Music

Spontaneous Movement

Creative Thinking

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